SATURDAY 13th June 2009 UAF Leeds

On Indymedia Antifa are saying no one was in Leeds on Saturday opposing the UAF demo, or gathering any details or photographs.
As information is still being put together we are admitting stuff slowly so as not to blow it at the moment.
Remember this is for information purposes to show those that are attacking our democratic right to free speech.
This photo is of John Gill a long time activist believed to be from Castleford.
Here he was getting on the bus with another dedicated red who we think is called Vanessa.
We aint pictured her yet though till we know for sure.
More details to follow soon


  1. Have we any details of the organisers?

  2. Yes the organisers details are being put up shortly along with photos

  3. I know him he's into Ska and Punk, think he's into sharpy skinhead stuff too, might have more info for you if required as if its who i think it is he's seen often in the company of someone I know.