Leeds Pro Iran Demo 27th June

Saturday 27th June a contingent of Iranians held a demonstration outside Leeds Art Gallery waving signs condemning Iranian elections etc.
An assortment of Communist crap, revleft and SW dipshits did their usual jumping on the bandwagon bit and were seen with Sean Harrison, Steve Johnston and others rabble rousing. When our "source" went to the front of the contingent to take photos Steve saw him and alerted others. Sean after some 15 minutes of deciding what to do managed to ask "our source" what he was up to and said "you're a fascist" then started shouting to the Iranians "he's a fascist" much to the amusement of the 5 others who were standing on the steps keeping watch on the situation as " our source" took photos.
It was noted that as he did so Steve got on his mobile and called a young female newcomer and told her that "fascists" were about. She walked over to "our source" and said " why you taking photos why dont you just go away". The comment was its an open demonstration and we were exercising our right to do as we are thank you. And she walked away.
Photos are provided from the days soiree.
Updates as we recieve them.

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